Perform-X F100

Perform-X F100
Advanced Manual Radiographic System

The F100 manual setup stuns with its sleek design and advanced features such as digital SID measurement. It can be customized with a range of available options.

Perform-X F100



  • longitudinal and vertical SID measurement
  • manual vertical movement of X-ray tube assembly
  • manual horizontal movement of tube stand
  • manual tube rotation on the horizontal axis
  • manual vertical movement of wall stand
  • motorized Phoenix 2 elevating radiographic table
  • optional motorized table receptor auto-centering
  • optional manual column rotation
  • optional manual transverse tube arm movement
  • optional manual receptor tilting for wall stand

We also offer a choice of components such as digital panels, grids, X-ray tubes, collimators, AEC chambers, DAP meters, etc.