Perform-X F300

Auto-Stitching and Auto-Tracking Radiographic System

The F300 floor-mounted system takes 3 individual overlapping images and combines them into one seamless study. The Procedure is performed with constant focus and a rotating x-ray tube. A stitching stand is available to assist frail patients. Our Perform-X advanced systems feature the TS99(N) Tube Stand, the WS99(N) Wall Stand and the Phoenix 2 Elevating Radiographic Table.



  • auto-stitching for wall stand (with fixed focus position) with optional stitching stand
  • 2-way vertical auto-tracking between tube assembly and wall stand receptor (dynamic master/slave function)
  • 2-way vertical auto-tracking between tube assembly and table receptor (dynamic master/slave function)
  • 1-way auto-centering between tube assembly and table receptor (tube: master, receptor: slave)
  • motorized vertical movement of X-ray tube assembly (with manual override)
  • manual horizontal movement of tube stand
  • motorized tube rotation on the horizontal axis
  • motorized vertical movement of wall stand
  • motorized Phoenix 2 elevating radiographic table
  • motorized table receptor auto-centering (with manual override)
  • longitudinal and vertical SID measurement
  • optional manual column rotation
  • optional manual or motorized receptor tilting for wall stand

We also offer a choice of components such as digital panels, grids, X-ray tubes, collimators, AEC chambers, DAP meters, etc.