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Technical Webinar Schedule

Sep 06, 2021

Based on feedback we have received from many of our partners, we are not going to organize an on-site technical training in Budapest this year due to the uncertain situation with the continuing pandemic. However, we understand there is demand for technical training and we are keen on offering it  so we have decided to schedule thematically specified online (Zoom) webinars. Below you can find the calendar:

  • ZooMax Small Animal Radiographic Systems: 21 September (1 day)
  • Digital Radiography: 28 September (1 day)
  • HF Generator + AEC Chamber: 5 October (1 day)
  • Perform-X Classic, Radiologix Manual Radiographic Systems: 21 October (1 day)
  • Z-Motion Universal Radiographic System: 11 November (1 day) [NEW DATE]
  • Perform-X F and C series Advanced Radiographic Systems: 1 December (1 day) [DATE CONFIRMED]

This is a great opportunity to i) gain deep insight into our product universe; ii) learn the technical know-how you need to effectively install, maintain and service the systems and iii) obviously to ask your questions, share experiences. The event is free of charge for our reseller partners. If you consider to attend, please click on the link below and register for the event. 

We will be sending out further information - including registration links - to all participants.