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Success Story of the Year

Dec 18, 2020

Dear Partner, 
2020 was not an easy year for all of us. We faced lot of turbulence during the last twelve months, but we hope that our life will return to normalcy soon.  
We would like to thank you for your continued partnership during these challenging times. We keep on working hard on improving our products, quality and services to help you to win even more deals.
To give you some inspiration for 2021, let us share the short story of our biggest tender success of the year. While in spite of the difficult market situation a lot of our partners have reached significant sales achievements, the Limpopo and Gauteng province project of our South-African partner - Tecmed Africa 2.0 - stands out.

Success Story of the Year
Tecmed Africa 2.0 is a medical equipment and supply company operating in the Southern African region. Tecmed Africa 2.0 is a world class medical equipment supplier and the largest on the African continent. It prides itself with excellent technical service and intensive training of operators as part of the sales offering.
The South-African radiographic market sector was controlled by the mighty multinational companies for many years and it was a formidable market to penetrate with the as yet relatively unknown brand  of Control-X Medical.

The Tecmed Africa 2.0 and Control-X Medical partnership has proven to have the ingredients necessary to make significant headway into this market. Intensive selling to both the state and the private sector, with initially, minimal installations this partnership soon grew a reputation of providing the medical market with superb systems that are easy to use, reliable and with excellence in clinical and technical support.
The result brought about a market explosion of radiographic system sales and installations.

Stretching from the most amazing new Radiographic facility in the famous Cape Town to small clinics in the northern reaches of Namibia and Zimbabwe, the Control-X Medical and Tecmed Africa 2.0 alliance has resulted in the installation of 45 Perfom-X C200 and F200 systems in 2020. The New Era facility in the heart of Cape Town, high load hospitals treating thousands of patients every day, like that of the famous Chris Hani Baragwanath and the equally famous Steve Biko hospitals in Gauteng, South Africa have equipped their radiology departments with these devices. Scattered across Gauteng province, Limpopo province and others are a long list of installed systems doing their daily function of providing excellence in radiographic imaging for the patients of these lands.

We hope that this inspiring great success story gives you even more energy for the next year.
But until then, it is time for  relaxing, spending time with your loved ones. We wish you great holiday season, peaceful Christmas and a happy new year!
Your Control-X Medical Team