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Or WS99 radiographic wall stands were designed to handle the rigors of the heaviest of caseloads by providing high performance, versatility and durability.


Electromagnetic brakes and a dual rope counterbalancing system are standard features for ease of operation and safety. The extended vertical track allows for examinations of tall patients as well as the lower extremities. The wall stands offers solutions for all standard diagnostic imaging needs. Operators can choose from either a left or right-side loading direction for fingertip access. The stand accepts grid cabinets for DR panels or buckys for analogue operation.

The TS99CH is a floor-to-wall mounted tube stand and features a space-saving design. Moreover, it features all key attributes of the TS99 such as full tube rotation, effortless operation, fully counterbalanced mechanical design and an extremely low focus-floor distance. It is complemented by the WS99CH wall-mounted bucky stand.