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Zoomax Red

Zoomax Red

The Zoomax Red Veterinary Radiographic System, featuring a fixed ceiling tube stand and an elevating radiographic table is ideal for emergency and trauma applications when dual tableside use is required. The system allows full access to the animal for easy positioning, restraint and exposure control from either side of the table. The new approach in administering to pets in a hospital environment makes the task easy, effortless and hygienic for both patient and practitioner.



  • Adjustable fixed-height ceiling tube stand creates a freely accessible work area around the patient table
    • ceiling-mounted tube support travels the entire length of the table;
    • tube arm allows rotation for oblique exposures;
    • tube height is set during installation by adjusting the column segments;
  • Choice of the Vetelev or the Phoenix 1 elevating radiographic tables with four-way floating table top




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