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ZooMax Roll

ZooMax Roll

The ZooMax Roll Veterinary Radiographic System is an economic alternative for Veterinarians looking for a basic yet dependable veterinary X-ray system.

ZooMax Roll



  • Veterinary tube stand with fixed SID and fixed (non-rotating) tube head combined with a movable table;
  • Tube stand is mounted to the floor and wall or is optionally available in free-standing format;
  • Grid cabinet assembly mounted to the tube stand column 72 cm above the floor, so trolleys of the same level or higher can be used with the stand;
  • Trolley on 4 castors
    • allows for very smooth and effortless patient positioning – like a four-way floating top table – at a very competitive price;
    • Easily roll and lock the mobile table in place, adjust the X-ray parameters on the tube head and perform the X-ray;
    • 135 kg (300 lb.) patient weight limit of the table supports the majority of animal sizes;
    • Mobile table can be used for other medical procedures after the X-rays have been taken, providing more convenience for the practitioner and comfort for the patient.




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