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Simplicity, performance and safety. The RadiologiX system is the right solution for digital imaging, even in limited spaces and budget. It can be configured either with the Stylix fixed height or the Phoenix 1 elevating radiographic tables into a pragmatic solution for a complete modern radiographic suite. The system is also available in Chiro or Chest configuration without the radiographic table.




  • The compact design is perfect for small rad rooms where the tube and wall stand need to be placed against the wall;
  • Both stands are counterbalanced and designed with “easy-glide” effortless movement for vertical and horizontal (tube stand only) travels. Vertical movement of the stands is locked electromagnetically, enabling precise positioning for accurate exposures of the head and lower extremities. The wall stand is compatible with a grid cabinet or a classical bucky;
  • With its large table top and extended travel, Stylix allows full radiographic coverage with minimal patient movement;
  • All tube stand controls are centrally located at the X-ray tube, and the wall stand controls at the operating side of the grid cabinet or bucky. A convenient console with (optional) digital angle display supports trouble free beam positioning;
  • An, ultra-high frequency generator – which minimizes exposure time in comparison to conventional generators – supports low-dose exposures and makes parameter set-up and preparation quick and easy, including APRs;
  • Optional Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) ensures optimum patient dose while providing excellent image quality;
  • An integrated, easy to use, state of the art acquisition system and a selection of high-resolution digital receptors provides superior image quality for quick diagnoses.




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